Car Turntables

Designed for the discerning car enthusiast and those who face challenges with a narrow driveway or reside on a bustling street, our car turntable solutions prioritize smooth maneuvering, offering unmatched convenience and style. Elevate your parking experience with the innovative technology and unwavering reliability of McKinley Elevator’s support. Beyond residential applications, our car turntables are used in commercial photography settings and car showrooms, offering a dynamic and eye-catching platform to capture vehicles from various angles. Elevate your parking experience with our reliable and efficient car turntable solutions, ensuring a seamless and well-organized approach to managing your vehicle storage, while adding a touch of sophistication to residential displays and commercial photography setups.

Car Turntables by Auto360

McKinley is proud to bring to market the Auto360 Car Turntable. This American made product has a number of distinguishing features separating it from the competition. One major advantage of this system is the fully contained, low profile turntable design. This design allows the bearings, drive and housing to integrate into 3” tall surface mount package. Surface mounting eliminates the need to rip up the existing floor or driveway to install a mounting pit. This allows faster, less costly installation compared to other turntable systems. The gentle turntable entry/exit angles accommodates low-rise vehicles including production Bugattis, Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

The car turntable is compatible with vehicle wheelbases up to 13’-4” and can accommodate most production cars and light duty pick-up trucks. The complete turntable system easily installs in less than one day. A wide range of turntable finish options is available to ensure the turntable complements its environment. Contact your McKinley representative to learn more about car parking turntable solutions. We sell and install the 360 parking turntable and are able to provide highly customized solutions for a wide range of installation and vehicle requirements.