Car Lifts

You Deserve a Choice

Car lifts and car turntables offer innovative, space-saving parking solutions for commercial and residential use. Whether you’re contending with a narrow driveway, live on a busy street or need to park multiple cars in one small space, car turntables and parking lifts from McKinley Elevators will help you find the ideal solution to make parking a breeze. Car parking lifts are a convenient way to store multiple vehicles for everything from two car storage to large multi-car automated systems. Car turntables available through McKinley will accommodate most cars on the road today and can even turn lightweight trucks and also make an impressive way to display your car collection.

Parking Lifts

McKinley proudly offers car parking lifts by Vasari, a division of Autoquip. After enjoying 40 years of success as a custom solutions provider in the material handling industry, Autoquip recognized the need for high quality, American-made parking lifts. They returned to their roots in the automotive industry in 2002 and began manufacturing vehicle lifts for both residential and commercial applications.

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Car Turntables

Automotive turntables are an effective way to rotate a parked car through any range of angles. For individuals with a narrow driveway, or people in a busy urban environment, a car turntable is an ideal car parking solution. By rotating the vehicle, the driveway turntable eliminates the need to reverse the vehicle to enter or exit the driveway. Entering and exiting the traffic flow in a forward direction improves vehicle occupant safety and reduces the risk of collision. A remote control allows the driver to rotate the turntable to the desired position from the comfort of their car. McKinley is proud to bring to market the Auto360 Car Turntable.

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  • Park multiple cars in one small space.
  • McKinley Elevator is a single source for sales, installation and maintenance.
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