Internet Sales Information

We know that you have a choice of vendors from which to purchase accessibility equipment. While we hope that our company will be your first choice, we feel obligated to provide all consumers with information about the risks of purchasing this type of equipment over the internet. Accessibility equipment sold direct to the consumer for self installation is not a wise idea and is quite often a major problem. Don’t waste your time and money on something that could be inoperative, unsafe, or even illegal.

Sight Unseen – When a customer buys over the internet, they are purchasing a lift sight unseen. The customer does not really know what the lift looks like or how it really operates. At McKinley Elevator, we have a showroom where you can see the units, ride them, and really get a feel for how they could fit into your everyday life.

Site Visits – The internet companies cannot see the customer or their location. All locations present some sort of application challenge such as width, top and bottom clearance, headroom, or the physical limitations of the user. A customer could very well be purchasing something that will not work on their stairway. At McKinley Elevator we provide free in-home estimates to recommend the proper equipment to suit your needs.

Installation – Contrary to what some internet sites say, these lifts are not easy to install the first time. Without the proper training and experience, an installation could take days or may never be completed. If the lift is incorrectly installed, it may not work properly or could even be unsafe. All of the technicians at McKinley Elevator are factory trained with many years experience to insure that all our equipment is installed properly, safely, and quickly.

Warranty – Most internet sales companies provide no labor warranty for their products. If you experience a problem with your lift, you will have to disassemble and return it to the factory at your time and expense. If the manufacturer determines that the problem was caused by improper installation, they will not cover the repair and you will have to pay. You could also be without the use of your lift for weeks. McKinley Elevator has factory trained technicians with fully stocked service vehicles. We normally respond to most service calls within one day and can usually solve the problem immediately.

State Certification – California requires a certification for all installers of accessibility equipment. If you install the lift yourself or hire a local handyman with no training to do it, you could be in violation of state laws. All McKinley Elevator technicians have been factory trained, and carry full liability insurance. The same is true for Nevada.

Finally, the sales of accessibility equipment over the internet where the equipment is shipped direct to the consumer for self installation is against the policy of the leading organization for accessibility manufacturers and dealers, AEMA (Accessibility Equipment Manufacturers Association). Please click the AEMA link to review their position on this type of transaction. It is also against the policy of another national mobility organization of accessibility products, NMEDA.

No reputable manufacturer or dealer of accessibility equipment would sell their products directly over the internet. McKinley Elevator Corporation is a proud member of AEMA and abides by their guidelines.

Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself about this important topic in the accessibility industry, and we hope that it proves helpful in your decision to purchase mobility products.